Thursday, March 31, 2011


I think it would be cool if you posted your favorite album you have ever heard, and try to pick your favorite song on that album or just your favorite song if you have one, and post it here, maybe with a youtube link. I will listen to all of them all the way through and try not to have any preconceived notions about the genre or shit, but I am just interested in if I will like the song and how I could dislike it if someone else likes it so much.


  1. Artist: Pink Floyd
    Album: Pulse live
    Song: Comfortably Numb

    Best song ever, the solo in this is so epic.

  2. well that didn't work as well since i've been listening to that album since i was a little kid, but still a great song

  3. favorite album: cocteau twins, blue bell knoll
    favorite song: cocteau twins, circling girl


  4. Favourite album: iron maiden killers

    favourite song : wratchild

    Nice blog you have, will follow.

  5. The Fall Of Troy - Doppelganger
    Try the song "Mouths like Sidewinder Missiles", the guitar work is incredible, especially since the guitarist does vocals in this three-piece.

  6. I really like the song Backseat by the New Boyz, you won't like it but check it out anyway!

  7. Cocteau Twins-Really, really good, i liked it a lot, the singer was great. Reminded me a bit of MBV.
    Iron Maiden-I don't listen to a lot of metal, so I wasn't really into it, I tried though.
    Fall of Troy-I thought it had great guitar playing, but the singer really bothered me, but that is probably because I listen to very little metal. The instrumentation was great though.

  8. yeah Prowler, I didn't like it. Wasn't intolerable.

  9. too hard to pick. I'll have to think about it.