Saturday, April 23, 2011

What can I complain about? What is a gripe? I think it would be cool if everything were free, but only for me, and I had a million friends and all my friends haahahahahahahaha hahahaha ( delay ) hahaha. So I could uh I just dont think anything should have any sort of price. And everything would be bartered for, and there would be this cool community, and craigslist would be cooler, and there would be categories for things like bread.

( Breadslist? )

I also realized that I don't do any sort of community service. Like, real community service. Like helping real people. Like when I was younger, I did a soup kitchen, and I was so gross, and I hated it and would never do it again.

( They're disgusting people )

I talked to this crazy guy about rings and he was like "THAT RING RULES, MAN"
There's a spider. DON'T it's a weak card.

I am god. Maybe I'm not, but it seems as if I am.
because there's all these weird things that don't seem like they could ever happen like the existence of god, and you know what i mean? it;s hard to explain. like the fact that there's all these arguments about the absence of god and all these wars about god, and it just proves that i am god, and that I don't know how to use my own powers. I guess you guys exist. I will allow you the right to exist in my mind.


( The following was transcribed from actual conversations. )


  1. everyones arguing if god exists and i laugh watching them

    i use my powers in my sleep maybe

    or unconciously

    i am god, because i created everything( my definition of everyhting is everthing that i know, everything i know exists inside my head, for that is where it is experienced.) i create my thouhgts, and what i see, and the characters in my life-------its difficult to control them

  2. another thing that is krazy is that i can't prove that anything ever happened that didn't directly involve me. How do i know that john lennon ever existed? there aint no photo that can convince me, i see them photoshops, and i can make videos with old cameras that look old n shit. i havent been to california, he probably lives there if california even exists!!!

  3. one we listened to a neat thing on freeganism which is basically squatting, dumpsterdiving for everything you own, bartering goods and services and doing community service and there are communities in lots of places

    two i am god so fuck off


  4. "if you think there is freedom in the united states, try going somewhere without money"