Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Senator Weiner admits to sending pictures of crotch

This article has me wondering a lot of things. First: Why are public figures such as senators or governors so stupid, as to not realize that the things they are doing are going to cause a huge scandal? I have no problem at all with visiting your secret mistress in Argentina, or sending people pictures of your crotch, because it's none of my business, and you should do whatever you want. But why would you do it in such a way that you will get caught? Why on twitter? Is it that difficult to use a 30 minute email service or some shit?
That is sort-of beside the point though, because all these politicians like Clinton, Sanford, and Wieners had to lie about it before telling the truth. If i were in that situation, i would just come right out and say it. why not? The public and media are only pissed off because they lied about it. I guess there is n

 There is also porn on the internet.


  1. I'm sorry for ruining your lives by suggesting you read this.

  2. I dunno, i still don't really care. Seems like a waste of news effort.