Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Currently living a normal life making $60,000 a year working in IT while stealing all day and dealing drugs and killing people from the comfort of my bed which I'm too afraid to leave. I'm a skinnyfat kungfu master pussy too weak to stand and in too much pain to think straight. I feel nothing. Still, I've been getting better since I started taking Piracetam and St. John's Wort and Abilify, helps to offset all the drugs and drinking that I do that I wish I could do but am too afraid to and don't while I do. Maybe I'll stop when I finally start college again which I dropped out of in 3rd grade when I moved from the country of Europe to Australia. I'm afraid that if I start college again while making $60,000 a year working in IT and for the FBI while stealing wallets all day and killing people I won't get to keep getting the foodstamps I don't get because I don't need to rip the government off like some nigger to pay for the weed I have a card for and buy wholesale to sell to mexicans so I can hire hitmen to kill the people I don't believe in killing, if that happened and I quit getting those foodstamps I don't get then my drug empire will collapse and that has me real bummed out.

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