Sunday, February 12, 2012

SOme things i can see from where i am sitting and what their deal is:

-bottle of hand sanitizer: i like to pour it on wooden boards in my room and light it on fire
-shin bone: it fell off a halloween decoration i usually hang from the tree in my front yard, named mister skeleton man
-Jar of black and white writing utensils: it's a black mug filled with pens, pencils, and markers that only have black and white showing.
-febreeze can: i like to spray it on my bed to make my sheets smell clean even when they aren't.
-gold spray paint: i like gold shit
-miniature american flag: i got this from luke's drawer of weird shit when we were hot gluing things together, it is attached to a trophy that says "line rider champ"
-buddha box: a pink box that has a volume knob, and a button that plays cool drone things
-jar of incense: my mom got me an insane amount of incense from a yard sale, i dont use incense as much i used to though

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