Saturday, February 11, 2012


this morning, i woke up and found three irregular grains of rice on my pillow where my ear had been previously resting. thinking it was probably someone playing a cruel prank, i went back to sleep, with my left ear resting on the rice (i read somewhere that lying on your left side is better for your stomach, who am i to argue?). when i woke up, i was surprised to find more of the rice there. It was white, sticky, and had all the qualities that white rice normally has, but each grain was larger and more rough on the outside than how i remembered normal rice to look like (it was early in the morning, my mind wasn't as awake as it would have been the night before). i also realized that i had forgotten what normal rice even looked like. i racked my brain for what seemed like ten minutes trying to remember what rice looked like, or any time i had ever eaten it. I realized that i had no idea what rice was, it was a completely abstract concept in my head. I had no prior experience or memory that led me to have even a slight idea of what rice was used for, where it comes from, and what it might be doing on my pillow. I pulled the covers off me, got dressed, and looked back down at my pillow. "rice, rice rice" i kept telling myself, trying to remember how i knew the word, and what it meant in relation to what was on my pillow. suddenly, a flash, an insight into my past. i remembered a night when I was eight years old, my older brother's birthday. he had asked for rice and cheese for breakfast. it was such a powerful memory, i felt as if i was reliving it. I remembered using my fork to shovel mounds of the grains held together with thick melted cheese into my mouth. the look of contentment on my brother's face as he ate bowl after bowl of the yellow mush.
when i came to, i was lying at the bottom of the back stairs leading to the kitchen, as i tried to pick myself up, a shooting pain drove into my side, it felt like a broken rib. i lay back down. as my head hit the floor, i felt something fall out of my ear into my hair. i reached up and pulled the lump out of my hair. it was soft and mushy, a yellowish white color, about the size of a large ant. i inspected it up and down, trying to figure out what it was. i smelled it, but it's scent didn't remind me of anything. where had i seen whatever this was before? why was it in my ear?
oh well. time for breakfast.

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